Audi Q3 Performance & Test Drive

Audi Q3 Overview

The new Audi Q3 scored 95 per cent for adult occupant protection and 86 per cent for child occupant protection. In terms of safety assist systems the SUV scored 85 per cent. On the features front, the new Audi Q3 comes with an 8.8-inch touchscreen display that features Audi smartphone interface links customers’ iOS and Android cell phones and places their Apple Car Play or Android Auto environment on the MMI display. Internationally, the 2019 Audi Q3 will be offered with four different engine options – three petrol engine and one diesel unit in combination with front-wheel or quattro all-wheel-drive (AWD).


The power outputs range from 150 bhp 230 bhp and all engines are four-cylinder direct injection units with turbocharging. Transmission duties will be handled by a 6-speed manual transmission or a fast-shifting 7-speed S tronic is used to transmit the power. The Audi Q3 also features smart driver assistance systems like – adaptive cruise assist, which includes – adaptive speed assist, traffic jam assist and active lane assist. Then there is the Park Assist to steers the SUV automatically into and out of parking spaces, four 360 degree cameras and more. Book a test drive for Audi Q3 in Tryaldrive.

Audi Q3 Design

The Q3 receives new styling, updated engines and a few more features. Look closely and you will notice that the front and rear end look slightly different, especially the face. The headlamps, for instance, are now LED powered while the standard model gets Xenon lighting instead of a regular halogen bulb. The signature parking and daylight running LEDs follow a new pattern that looks a lot more mean in the dark.The other addition to the lamp is the inclusion of dynamic turn indicators similar to the more premium A8 and R8. While the outer design of the headlamp is the same, the front grille and bumper are all-new. The hexagonal grille is different as well, the upper-sides now merge with the headlamp giving the SUV a new identity.

The extension that connects the grille and the lamp looks like it’s finished in aluminium instead of chrome, very classy indeed but contrasts well only on cars in darker shades. The air dams and lower grille are sportier and add to the styling. There are two trims to choose from, Design Equipment and Sport Equipment.The side profile is exactly the same, the wheels feature a new design pattern. The rear end does look like it has received no change, but look closer and you will notice a new LED tail lamp featuring a different light pattern as well as a revised bumper.

Audi Q3 Cabin

The interiors see no change, with Audi waiting for the full update to make major changes to the Q3. Despite that the Q3 still feels properly rich and lavish in terms of materials and build. But the design is starting to show its age, especially so when you compare it to its siblings. On some fronts where Audi has led the charge earlier, the age is hard to miss. For instance, the display screen on the top of the dash feels small. We also noticed that the resolution of the small information screen in the centre of the instrument cluster in the lower specced 30 TFSI is also from a time long past. We’re also now used to the new circular air con vents that are part of the new Audi look, and the old rectangular black slats also add to the ‘been there seen that’ feeling.

The aging looks aside, the space is well thought out and practical and actually features the largest boot in its class. You pay for this extra boot space with passenger space. While the Q3’s rear bench is easily usable for two adults, it won’t feel ultra-spacious.The high transmission tunnel also makes the Q3 better at dealing with four adults rather than five. While space is at a premium the luxury can’t be questioned, with leather seats and electronic adjust for reach and height on all trim levels. The front seats are comfortable and supportive up front but a little on the firmer side on the rear bench.

Audi Q3 Performance


Let’s talk about the new engine first, shall we? The 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol motor has done duty under the hoods of a lot of cars in the Volkswagen-Audi family. Under the Q3’s bonnet it runs the familiar 150PS/250Nm tune we’ve seen in the A3 and the A4. Start the Q3 up, and you’ll realize the noise levels are a notch higher than what you were expecting. Get going and the engine’s thrummy noise continues to be audible. Look past (or hear past) the noise, and the turbo-petrol seems just about enough to carry the heft of the near two-tonne SUV. Drive around with a light foot, and the Q3 is easy to drive. The engine too feels at ease pottering around the city. You won’t really feel the turbo kick in unless you stomp on the accelerator pedal. For most overtakes, a gentle increase in throttle input is enough to get you past. Get a bit too adventurous with the throttle, and the Q3 pushes you into the back of your seat with a sudden surge of torque.Go easy on the A-pedal, and driving the Q3 1.4 is cakewalk.

It’s is reasonably efficient too – returning 10.24kmpl inside the city, and 14.56kmpl on the highway. What maximises the fuel efficiency number is the petrol Q3’s ‘Efficiency’ mode that is coupled with the auto-start-stop tech that switches the engine off when you come to a halt and restarts once you lift off the brake pedal. In this mode, the throttle response is dulled out a bit. When you accelerate, there’s a second worth of lag before power actually kicks in. If you’re on a highway cruise in this mode, you will need to plan your overtakes. On a related note, the effectiveness of the air conditioning takes a hit in this mode. We’d avoid this mode purely because it left us sweaty at the end of our fuel efficiency test. For Audi Q3 check iftr2015hyd

Other driving modes on Audi’s ‘Drive Select’ include ‘Comfort’, ‘Auto’ and ‘Dynamic’. Toggling between the three alters throttle and gearbox responsiveness. That said, there isn’t a day and night difference between the modes, and ‘Auto’ mode works just fine for the daily drive. In ‘Dynamic’, the Q3 feels slightly eager to make progress — the gearbox is usually in one gear lower and lets the engine rev up all the way to the redline. This isn’t particularly useful in day to day use, and we’d recommend switching to it only for that uphill drive around the ghats where you feel the need for all the power all the time. On test, the Q3 clocked a 0-100kmph time of 12.05 seconds.

The star of the package has got to be the ’S-tronic’ gearbox. The 6-speed dual-clutch automatic is quick to respond to throttle inputs. If you slam the accelerator pedal to the floor, it downshifts a couple of gears – giving you the power you need to make a quick overtake instantly. Unlike the diesel version, the petrol variant does not get paddle shifters. But, we didn’t really miss it since the gearbox practically reads your mind.

35 TDI

With the update, the Q3 Quattro has earned a power bump of 7PS. Is the added power noticeable? Nope. But, compare it to the petrol variant, and it feels like a completely different car. The extra 130Nm of torque makes its presence felt, especially when you are on a highway drive. Put your foot down, and the diesel Q3 lunges forward with gusto. You can be assured keeping the throttle pinned will have you go past the car in front. The numbers are proof: the diesel Q3 is quicker to 100kmph by 3.38 seconds (thank you Quattro!), at 8.67 seconds, whereas in-gear acceleration from 20-80kmph is quicker by nearly two seconds (5.62 seconds vs 7.35 seconds).

Power delivery is nice and smooth, and there’s no annoying turbo lag that’d hold you back in traffic. Most of this is down to the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which does a really good job of selecting the right gear. Yes, there are paddle shifters on offer, but we rarely had to use them while testing the car. Surprisingly, the diesel engine is appreciably silent inside-out during idle. Push it, and it lets out a grumbly sound which is oddly likeable. In case you do not like the sound of a diesel engine, even moderate volume on the music system will cancel it out.The diesel Q3 doesn’t feature an efficiency mode, nor does it have the auto start-stop tech. In spite of that, and being heavier, it proved to be significantly more efficient — returning 12.84kmpl inside the city and 18.5kmpl on the highway.

Audi Q3 Rideing

The ride quality of the Audi Q3 is on the firmer side when compared to its silky smooth Q brethren – the Q5 and the Q7. That said it’s still perfectly composed over any obstacle you will encounter in town. From small to large bumps you remain quite isolated and comfortable. There is also very little vertical or lateral movement from uneven surfaces too. There are some differences in the way the petrol and diesel behave on the road and out on the highway the petrol tends to feel a little flighty, due to some unnerving bouncy vertical movement at high speed, and this may be down to its lighter kerb weight; the diesel on the other hand with a heavier kerb weight and four wheel drive is unsurprisingly more planted on the highway.

The steering is quite light and this is excellent when navigating through city traffic and parking in tight spaces, but when you up the pace through a set of corners you’ll soon find it lacks any feedback. The chassis is quite nice when pushed, with the suspension handling any challenge our bumpy roads care to throw its way. There is a little bit of body roll when you push the car but this too is controlled and soon you can learn to trust the front and let the suspension handle the rest. The petrol engine with its gruff rumble and desire to rev is quite nice when your evil twin shows up behind the wheel, but it’s again let down by the lack of pedals that would have allowed better use of the gearbox while keeping both hands on the wheel. The diesel with its smooth spread of 380Nm of torque is again the more fun of the two even when you’re hooning around.

Audi Q3 Safety

The Q3 features a total of six airbags that are standard across the range. Also standard are anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist. Other safety tech includes electronic stability program (ESP), hill-descent control and traction control (ASR). The top-spec Technology variant additionally features a rear parking camera over the standard rear parking sensors.

Audi Q3 Price in Hyderabad

Audi Q3 On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 40,34,973 to 50,17,733 for variants Q3 30 TFSI Premium AT FWD and Q3 35 TDI Quattro Technology respectively. Audi Q3 is available in 4 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Audi Q3 variants price in Hyderabad. Check for Audi Q3 price in Hyderabad at Carzprice.

Audi Q3 Verdict

With the introduction of the new petrol engine and by skimping on some features like a reverse parking camera, paddle shifters and the higher resolution instrument cluster screen, Audi has managed to keep the low entry price for the Q3 range similar in the hopes of attracting a few more buyers. But really the pick of the bunch is the new diesel. It’s a much more pleasant driving experience, is quattro equipped and also doesn’t skimp out on features that the petrol misses. If you feel that the badge on the car is worth sacrificing some creature comforts for, and you’re sure you will never feel the urge to mash that throttle pedal, and with no one wiser that your pride and joy is slightly lacking in displacement, the petrol (five lakhs cheaper than the diesel) may make enough sense.