For Over Years Tracking the Evolution of Education


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Change is the only constant in life and everything in this world is evolving or changing every minute without coming to our attention. Change is sometimes too drastic and sometimes too slow, sometimes too radical and sometimes too insignificant. Education is no exception to change and the change in the field of education is not so evident to the naked eye. However, if looked back, learning and training have seen a lot of changes. The way we perceive education and the way education is practiced and delivered have seen a lot of changes over the years.

This article will identify few of the most significant changes in the field of education and also dwell into the reasons that caused the change.

1. Technology has taken over

Kids reading straight out of their phones or laptops might not realize this but technology has had the biggest impact on education more than anything else. Technology has transformed the way teachers teach and students learn. The learning platforms over which teaching and studying happened have gone digital. Laptops and smartphones have become the new books and internet has become the new library. Certainly, with the advent of technology learning has only developed for good and reaching new heights. However, the radical change in technology is yet to revolutionize the education scenario in developing and underdeveloped countries where technological growth is slow or stunted. For Educational Evaluations in US visit here

2. Non-Traditional Teaching

Gone are those days when the lecturer or professor would blurt out words and students would just follow and hastily make notes. The education back then was more of a one-way communication where the teacher spoke or taught and the students listened or wrote. However, as time has progressed, learning today has become more participative and students are actively involving themselves in learning and participating, instead of just being there. The traditional norms such as chalk board, written exams etc. are being challenged by projector screens and open exams. New forms of content are used to teach, including videos and podcasts.

3. Higher Education is Ordinary

The world has gotten so competitive and the job market is so fierce that any amount of education is less today. Even if you have a higher degree after your college, chances are you will never find a job that can help you repay your loans quickly. There is someone more qualified than you and even for a menial job a college degree becomes important today. If you are under qualified, there are tens of over qualified students who are waiting to fill your space. Thus, higher education has become ordinary now as almost everybody has one now.

Apart from these three major changes, there are many other smaller changes that go unnoticed by us. Education has certainly become more and more expensive as the years have passed. However, the funds granted towards the development and education institutes are also on the decline.