How Breast Augmentation Surgery & Procedure Is Done


Breast Augmentation is a surgical treatment by which the natural breasts are enhanced to appear bigger. It involves using breast implants or fat (fat transfer breast augmentation) to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume. Breast augmentation can increase the fullness of your breasts and improve the contours of your figure.

Breast augmentation Surgery & procedure

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure but as with any other surgery, there are risks associated with anesthesia as well as the risk of infection and bleeding.

Specific to the surgery, there may be changes in nipple or breast sensation, poor healing and scarring of the incision, implant leakage or rupture, faulty position of the implant, pain that may persist and the need for a revision surgery.To know more details Visit Personiks to know the cost of breast augmentation cost in Hyderabad

In addition it is important to note that:

Breast implants may not last a lifetime and may require further surgery to replace the implants. It is important for you to monitor your breast implants and follow-up with your plastic surgeon for appropriate check-ups to evaluate your breast health.

Any breast surgery can have a small effect on breast cancer screening in the future. Breast health is important. Before the surgery, you will need to have a proper breast exam with your gynaecologist and a mammogram if you are over 40 years of age (earlier if you have a strong family history of breast cancer).

Placement of the implant underneath the pectoral muscle interferes less with breastfeeding.

Types of breast implants

Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water. If the implant shell leaks, a saline implant will collapse and the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body. Saline breast implants provide a uniform shape, firmness, and feel.

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel. This feels more like natural breast tissue. If the implant leaks, the gel may remain within the implant shell or may escape into the breast implant pocket. However, it will not collapse.

Round breast implants have a tendency to make breasts appear fuller than form-stable implants.

Smooth breast implants are the softest feeling. These implants can move with the breast implant pocket, which may give more natural movement.

Textured breast implants develop scar tissue to stick to the implant, making them less likely to move around inside of the breast and get repositioned.

The types of Breast augmentation Surgery ?

Breast enlargement surgery using implants:

In this technique, the surgeon makes an incision, lifts your breast tissue, creates a pocket within the breast tissue and places an implant in the pocket. Or the implant may be placed behind the pectoral muscle that is behind the breast.

Fat transfer technique:

Fat transfer breast augmentation uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts. This is an option if you want a relatively small increase in breast size and would prefer natural results.For more information on Breast Augmentation surgery visit Primovox

What happens during breast enlargement surgery using implants?

A. You will be given anesthesia before you undergo surgery.

B. An incision will be made depending on the implant, your body contours, the type of implant and your surgeon’s preference. It may be either in the crease under your breast or in the armpit or around your nipple.

C. Breast implants are inserted into a pocket created through the incision made. The implant can be placed either under the pectoral muscle or over the pectoral muscle, behind the breast tissue. The incisions are then closed.

The suture lines which are evident initially will eventually fade.