What To Expect Right After The Liposuction Treatment


Depending on the amount of fat that has been removed from a particular area of the body, the doctor may discharge the candidate a few hours after the surgery or recommend him or her to spend the night at the hospital or surgical center. The doctor will tell the candidate when one can return to normal level of activity.

The cuts that will be made to insert the cannula may be leaky after the procedure, and the doctor may insert drainage tubes to drain away the fluid from the wounds. The candidate has to wear special tight garments for a few weeks after the liposuction procedure in order to keep the skin compressed. While some doctors provide these garments, other may prescribe them in which case it has to be purchased before the surgery.

The doctor will also provide detailed after-surgery instructions that will include information about the dosage of the prescribed antibiotic medicines, the safe level of activity after the liposuction fat removal surgery, and alarming signs and symptoms that the candidate should be aware of. One may experience some pain after the effect of the anaesthesia wears off, but if the pain is excruciating and for prolonged period then the physician should be contacted at once. There might also be some swelling which may remain for weeks or even months.

Steps of Recovery after a Liposuction are as follows :

These are some of the most important post-operative care instructions that will help you recover from liposuction quickly.

Reaching Home –

The immediate step after completion of the liposuction procedure is reaching home. It is not a good idea to drive yourself home because you will be under the influence of anaesthetics. So have a responsible adult by your side who can drive you home safely and stay with you on the day of the surgical treatment.

Post-Operative Diet –

In case you were administered local anesthesia you can get on with your normal diet and drink optimum amount of fluids like water and fruit juice. Avoid alcohol 48 hours before and after the surgery.

The level of Physical Activity –

Complete rest is recommended for the first few hours after surgery. You can engage in light to moderate physical activities 1 day after the surgery and resume light exercise 2 to 4 days after the surgery. Although, people can return to their desk job within 2 to 3 days of the surgery, but it is best to take a week off because you might feel sore and easily fatigued.

Wearing the Elastic Compression Garments –

Elastic compression garments are required in case of tumescent liposuction. The garments are worn on the thighs, hips, waist, flank, back or breasts after completion of the surgery. These specially designed compression garments provide firm compression in order to promote drainage of the residual fluids. The garments should be worn for 3 to 6 days after the surgery. For more details on Liposuction check Cmap

Dizziness and Fainting –

Patients might experience a sense of dizziness and light-headedness during the morning while taking a shower or standing up too quickly. This may be caused due to rapid decompression after the compression garments are removed for taking a shower. In case of dizziness, it is best to sit or lie down till the feeling passes. Some patients may have tendency to faint upon seeing blood on the absorbent pads or when they get up too quick after urinating. The patient should be steady and take things slowly in order to avoid serious injury from fall.

Post – operative Drainage Management –

The patient should expect a large volume of drainage of blood-tinged anaesthetic solution from the incision for the first 24 to 48 hours following the surgery, patients should use heavy absorbent pads over the treated areas in order to soak the fluids.

Care for the Wounds –

It is important to keep the incision clean and take a shower once a day. Rinse your hands with antibacterial soap and then wash the site of the incision gently with medicated soap and water, pat dry the site with a clean towel, then apply fresh absorbent pads.

Inflammation, Swelling, Bruising and Pain –

These are some of the common side-effects of a liposuction treatment. But the post-operative soreness and discomfort will improve with each passing day of liposuction recovery. Notify your doctor in case of increasing pain and swelling.

Itching –

Itching of the treated areas after several days of the surgery can result as a part of the normal healing process. The patient may take Benadryl as per instructions in order to relieve this itchiness and irritation.

It is important to attend the follow-up visits to the doctor during recovery so that the doctor can run the check-ups to ensure whether the treated areas are healing well without any infections or complications.

The Average Cost Of Liposuction

Liposuction Surgery cost of the procedure ranges from 50,000 to 2 lakhs depends on areas we are covering, however this will depend on your particular case. This can only be determined during a consultation with your surgeon, and following that an accurate price can be quoted.