Why Temporarily Suspending Premium Processing For H-1B Petitions?

 H1B Visa

U.S. immigration authorities said temporary suspension will free them up to sift through a backlog of long-pending applications.

By temporarily suspending premium processing, the USCIS has said that it will be able to process long-pending petitions, which they have currently been unable to process due to the large number of incoming petitions and prioritize adjudication of H-1B extension of status cases that are nearing the 240-day mark.

The H-1B visas are widely used by Indian IT majors. “This temporary suspension will help us to reduce overall H-1B processing time,” the USCIS said. For H1B Visa Process Visit UT Evaluators

H-1B Premium Processing to expedite the visa processing

H-1B premium processing is done at a fee of $1,225 premium where H-1B visa application is processed within 15 days, whereas a standard process takes three to six months. Companies submitting applications for H-1B visas for potential employees pays extra for premium processing so as to expedite the visa approval process.

H-1B visas are largely used at big IT technology companies that sponsor H-1B visas to bring best talents and skills to their workforce.

The H-1B program currently allows 85,000 per year to enter on the visas, but the process can be slow, and many choose to accelerate it by paying extra for a 15-day expedited process.

The number of total H-1B visa holders is constantly increasing and the number of people seeking such amendments is also increasing especially; last two to three months especially after Trump administration came to action. For more detauls on H1B Visa  check Msresearch

This is not the first time that suspension is done; H1 B visa premium process was also suspended last year. Last year immigration authorities said that the delay of premium processing will last until May 16. But this year’s suspension on premium processing is for a six-month period, not a specific date, but this suspension is temporarily.